Designated Partners

Shashi Poonam

I, Shashi Poonam, the main promoter and influencer behind this dream project welcome you all to the Capital City of India. a MBA graduate, a trained Yoga Teacher (certified by the Govt. of India and Art of Living Foundation), a Certified Dietician and Nutritionist and an Ex Sr. Flight Attendant - Air India. Using my five senses to showcase the touch of Suryanamaskar, the taste of healthy smoothies, and the sight of fluffy clouds, I bring forth the sound of music, that emanates from my soul. Born in the hills of Uttarakhand, my dream in sinking into the ecstasy of life is now being realised along with an expert team, which is part of this musical family.

Tarun Kumar

I am Tarun kumar, a Delhite, an Ex-Commercial Pilot by profession and also the partner and mentor of this dream project "Sapt Suram" basically a B.Sc and Law graduate, I'm also semi-qualified as a Chartered Accountant. Having been an Athlete, a Cricketer and a Footballer, I have always been an ardent Lover of Music and a passionate Singer. My journey has been non-stop since childhood in the pursuit of Music in each and every aspect of Nature's existence. I wish to promote hidden talent, from each and every corner of our country and furthermore Worldwide. In this direction, I shall strive to reach out to the remotest villages and towns and provide them with this wonderful musical platform. I want to make Sapt Suram a popular brand so that whenever people get musically inclined, they would think of Sapt Suram. Sapt Suram is indeed a dream come true.

Why Choose Us

About Us

"" Sapt Suram Entertainment” is the musical dream platform of the aviator couple. While the aviation industry became their professional hub and the wings of the flight kept the duo soaring high in the sky, their souls found connection in the evergreen musical chords. Flying as a successful commercial pilot and a flight attendant individually, they jointly captured the meeting point of the horizon to achieve their dreams. Sapt Suram- where the musical souls meet and attain their dreams, signifies this connection of the souls.

“Sapt Suram Entertainment” is an Indian musical company based in Delhi, providing platform for singers, musicians, and opening door for all artists to showcase their talent, regardless of the field. We have an expertise of multitalented artists working 24×7 for us, hence the coordinated endeavours are bound to culminate into the seven colours of the musical rainbow. “Sapt Suram Entertainment” is launching its first Exciting Project, the Musical Karaoke App, “Tinak Dhinn”. As the project advances, the company would transcend its musical horizon and launch Studio, Film Production, Entertainment Channels, and other various projects. We are proud to announce that Sapt Suram has received the Certificate of Recognition under the noble Start Up India Programme by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade(DPIIT), Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India. The innovativeness and indigeneity are two important ingredients of Sapt Suram.