Upcoming Projects

Musical App

“Tinak Dhinn” is a musical app with unique features like Live Broadcasting, Solo Singing, Duets, Multi-join, Short Videos, Chatting, Events, etc., targeted to all age groups, and available worldwide. ‘Tinak Dhinn’ has the robust Security system that safeguards the user’s information. Our app is a kaleidoscope of various forms of music, art, dance, dramatics, and other compositions.

Tinak Dhinn Studio

Hurray!!! Long wait is over. Tinak Dhinn Studio is fully operational now with the blessings of Goddess Durga. Just lend your voice and we shall pave the musical path for you.

Film Productions

Our next project encompasses the creation of short movies and web series to give a chance to those professionals whose talent is yet to be recognized. They would garner the required acumen to excel in this line of activity.

Entertainment channel

Our next upcoming project is an entertainment channel totally dedicated to fine art lovers (professionals and learners) to showcase their talent to the world through their spectacular performances.

Other Projects

Workshops On Various Topics

Here our users can take professional consultation from our experts from various fields. Short workshops will be organised regularly with classes as per user’s demand and the availability of personnel.

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Consulting Services

Through this we shall provide consulting services for recruitments in various areas as per the requirements of different organisations. You can send the Resume that will be matched and placed to the suitable job domain.

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IT Solutions

Our IT Solution team with its rich experience and experience can create a tailor-made suite as per your business requirement, be the entrepreneurship or corporate clientele Our website, app and other projects are testimony to the exemplary work done by our skilled IT team.

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